Buy Anavar 10mg/Cap with paypal

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Buy Anavar 10mg/Cap with paypal

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Limited-Time Offer
Limited-Time Offer



If you decide to buy Oxandrolone, you have made an excellent choice in an anabolic steroid. Real Anavar is a relatively mild steroid compared to many others; however, this doesn’t insinuate it has weak effects. Those who buy Oxandrolone will find it is one of the most well-tolerated anabolic steroids of all time. It is extremely side effect friendly for the healthy adult. When speaking of healthy adults, in the case of this steroid we’re actually talking about men and women. There are very few anabolic steroids women can use safely. Most anabolic steroids carry a strong virilization risk, which refers to the promotion of masculine like traits. With Oxandrolone, while there is still a risk, the risk is extremely low making it the best steroid any woman could ever use.

  • Creates Lean Muscle.
  • Burns Fat.
  • Produces Excellent Definition and Body Composition.


This product will be sent with out the original box to make it more descreet, the bag containing the caps will be sealed by the manufacturer and will include the manufactury hologram and batch number.



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Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 3.3

Best gear

this is the best, gives good quality of muscles, power and definition. (Feb 10 2015, 15:24 pm)


Fast delivery, quick and easy payment and good service. Im more than happy with the product i bought and will be making another order today. Keep up the good work (Apr 01 2014, 21:52 pm)

So good

Good (Dec 10 2013, 16:20 pm)
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