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Buy Deca 50 by RWR (10mL/50mg)

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Product Code : DECN2
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This product is currently out of stock

Name       : Deca 50 (Nandrolone Decanoate)
RWR Veterinary Products Pty Ltd. Australia

This is a very well known Deca from Australia. Its very pure and is used by lots of pro bodybuilders around Middle East.
Its however very hard to find in the western world due to the fact that the manufacturer does not have a franchise or a dealer in Europe or USA.

Deca 50 RWR

Product CodeDECN2

Customer Reviews
Hi there I want to buy this DECA 50 but your out of stock where else can I get this from same as the above bottle I want to take the same thing as Zyzz did DECA 50 and I'm ready to buy this now can you guys e-mail me please
can you tell me when you ha in stock pls
When will this be restocked? I want to purchase

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