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Product Code : INTJJML28
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This product is currently out of stock

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By Monsteroid Labs

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This steroid stack is for gaining lean muscle, while cutting with the minimum water retention.

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Intermediate Stack
WeekDeca Durabolin 250
Trenbolone AcetateTest-E 250
1500mg (2 shots/week)
250mg (2 shots/week)250mg
2500mg (2 shots/week)250mg (2 shots/week)250mg
3500mg (2 shots/week)500mg (4 shots/week)500mg(2 shots/week)
4500mg (2 shots/week)500mg (4 shots/week)500mg(2 shots/week)
5500mg (2 shots/week)500mg (4 shots/week)500mg(2 shots/week)
6500mg (2 shots/week)500mg(4 shots/week)250mg
7500mg (2 shots/week)500mg (4 shots/week)250mg
8500mg (2 shots/week)250mg (4 shots/week) 


2 X Deca Durabolin 250

3 X Parabolan 125

1 X Test-E 250



Anti Estrogens are not included, use of Nolvadex is recommended during the cycle.


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NEW: Comes in Clear Glass Vials, Photo will be updated soon

Product CodeINTJJML28

Customer Reviews
Very good stack
this is a very good stack for lean muscle.
thats one strong stack, no need for anabol i think, but can be added
Good Stack
This is a good stack got it few days ago, only if Anabol was added in this offer, it would be the best, I had to get my anabol separately anyway.

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