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Chemical Muscle Enhancement

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"How you can safely take the bodybuilding anabolic steroids used by today's mass monsters to create the cartoon-proportioned, superhero physique most men will only dream of..." Ironman Magazine excerpt...

Ironman Magazine: The Effects of Steroids "Several books are available that purport to be guides about

The Effects of Steroids

for producing massive physiques using various anabolic drugs. Most of these books are merely picture books of various drugs, with text that reads like it was copied from drug inserts... As such, they offer little practical value."

"One book differs in that respect. Chemical Muscle Enhancement."

Chemical Muscle Enhancement: The Effects of Steroids"For those who are insistent in knowing just what the champs take, Chemical Muscle Enhancement is THE book to read. The author, Mr. Author L. Rea, has over 16 years of academic background, but more importantly, he has worked with athletes for over 20 years. I found it virtually error-free in the aspect of scientific facts."

"Trust me, this book is not for the squeamish, and Mr. Rea is a definite drug "guru" bringing to mind the late Dan Duchaine in his early days of underground writing. Rea shares Dan's hands-on experience, not merely armchair philosophy. The book discusses every anabolic drug available, and also describes real-world methods of using such drugs. You will learn what can go wrong when making yourself a one-person scientific experiment. But if you so choose, I can't think of a better guidebook to current anabolic drug usage than Chemical Muscle Enhancement. This book is without question, the Underground Steroid Handbook of the 21st Century."

-- Jerry Brainium, bodybuilding journalist Ironman Magazine

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Product CodeCHE86

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Who's he trying to kid. The UFC is full of PED and TRT users. Dana White hsimelf? even admitted to using them in highschool. He has a vested interest in his fighters not testing positive so can you really believe him after he hsimelf already abused them. I'm not even talking about his rapid weight gain we all saw in more recent times. The NSAC is a joke and everyone knows it.

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